01 February, 2009

Future of FC Resource

FC Resource, including the FCML editor and FCWiki, has been sold to inXile Entertainment and the files have been transferred as of last week. The plans have been in the works since last December, but it was pushed back due to the winter break and various delays. Although I am not aware of their intentions, it most likely means that you will be seeing the features on FC Resource as an official part of the game in the near future. Consequently, this means that there will be tighter integration and refined functionality — things that a third party such as myself cannot implement!

In the mean time, FC Resource will still be up at its current URL. FCWiki is momentarily inacessible, however, so that people don't make changes to it in the interim. When inXile makes their version live, I will most likely shutdown FC Resource. The FCML editor may still be up thereafter, but I make no guarantees.

On another note, your profiles on FC Resource were not transferred. You will have to transfer them yourself once their version goes live, provided that they keep that particular function of the website.


Cameron (Snowball873) said...

I am very sorry to hear that you will not be running FCr. anymore. It was a great place to update my profile levels and I am very impressed with you html skills. Can you p.m me in the forum, I would be interested in making my own site beyond blogspot (even though it is great). Just out of curiousness, How much is "purchased" mean.

RockstarM said...

Fc's having alot of downtime lately :/
How much was FCr passed over for?

Mad Mike said...

FC is down more than it's up anymore. If I didn't love it...I'd say I wasted my ten dollars. Maybe this is their way of forcing us to play FC2!?! That is...if that's up and working also.