08 June, 2009

New joint counts

FC Resource now display a "joint count" and an "apparent joint count" for every design. You can view them on the "Statistics" tab. To understand the difference between the regular joint count and the apparent joint count, you need to understand how joints are made.

If you have three water rods (let's call them A, B, and C), and all three are connected at one point, FC does not connect A to both B and C. Instead, A is connected to B, and B is connected to C, making for two joints. This is the regular joint count. However, if you were to visually count them, you would notice that A, B, and C only joined up at one place, and if you moved this "one joint," all three rods would adjust. This is the apparent joint count, and it would be one in this case.

It's also good to know that the positions of joints are implied. Data is only stored regarding what objects are connected to what objects, but if you overlap two rods (D and E) perfectly, and define D to be jointed to E, there is no way to know which side of the rod the joint is on. However, by default, FC will assume that it is the left most one on rods (before rotation).

A "Neutronium factor" was also added, which is the ratio of the joint count to the apparent joint count.

You can find the apparent rod algorithm in question here, if you want to check it:

16 May, 2009

Making "ghost pieces"

You can now make "ghost pieces" for your levels using the WebFCML editor. Ghost pieces float in the air and only allow water and wood rods to pass through them. To make a ghost dynamic rectangle, just set either the width or height of the rectangle to 0.

If you are not familiar with WebFCML, FCML is an easy to learn computer language used to describe a level (or design). Say you wanted a yellow square (a dynamic rectangle) that is located at the coordinates of 15 x 20 and is 400 units wide and 100 units high, and you wanted to write this in FCML. Well, it would look like this:

DynamicRect (15, 20), (400, 100), 0

The 0 at the end means that the object will be rotated 0 degrees.

To get started with WebFCML (an online editor that allows you to save levels in FCML), check out a tutorial that some Contraptionistas put together.

15 May, 2009

Even more updates

13 May, 2009

New updates

FC Resource hasn't changed much since last November, but a few updates have been pushed to the site in the last few days. Remember that these updates are unrelated to the version of FCR on the Fantastic Contraption website.

13 March, 2009

Status of FC

FC Resource doesn't know what is up and nor can we fix it. If you followed a link from the FC website here, you followed an old link that persisted from before the integration of FC Resource (it was an external fan-made website) into FC. For that reason, we have nothing to do with errors with FC and we can't help you.

08 February, 2009

Read-only FCWiki

For the time being, FCWiki is back online in read-only mode. You won't be able to make any changes until FCWiki is available on Fantastic Contraption's servers. You wouldn't want your changes to be lost now, right?

01 February, 2009

Future of FC Resource

FC Resource, including the FCML editor and FCWiki, has been sold to inXile Entertainment and the files have been transferred as of last week. The plans have been in the works since last December, but it was pushed back due to the winter break and various delays. Although I am not aware of their intentions, it most likely means that you will be seeing the features on FC Resource as an official part of the game in the near future. Consequently, this means that there will be tighter integration and refined functionality — things that a third party such as myself cannot implement!

In the mean time, FC Resource will still be up at its current URL. FCWiki is momentarily inacessible, however, so that people don't make changes to it in the interim. When inXile makes their version live, I will most likely shutdown FC Resource. The FCML editor may still be up thereafter, but I make no guarantees.

On another note, your profiles on FC Resource were not transferred. You will have to transfer them yourself once their version goes live, provided that they keep that particular function of the website.