16 May, 2009

Making "ghost pieces"

You can now make "ghost pieces" for your levels using the WebFCML editor. Ghost pieces float in the air and only allow water and wood rods to pass through them. To make a ghost dynamic rectangle, just set either the width or height of the rectangle to 0.

If you are not familiar with WebFCML, FCML is an easy to learn computer language used to describe a level (or design). Say you wanted a yellow square (a dynamic rectangle) that is located at the coordinates of 15 x 20 and is 400 units wide and 100 units high, and you wanted to write this in FCML. Well, it would look like this:

DynamicRect (15, 20), (400, 100), 0

The 0 at the end means that the object will be rotated 0 degrees.

To get started with WebFCML (an online editor that allows you to save levels in FCML), check out a tutorial that some Contraptionistas put together.


Anonymous said...

how do i get to use fcml? i am not sure how to find it.

Sk8rman said...

two things, one, how do i do designs? two, can i make ghost circles?